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Hi, I'm Neville Reid. I've been using Macs since 1984, and currently have a 2019 iMac running OS 10.14.

I'm a part-time co-pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church, a small fellowship in Bow, London, UK.

After many years working as an accountant for a local non-profit organisation, I enrolled in full-time seminary training from 2013–15 at

Since December 2010 I've been a volunteer Street Pastor.

I'm also an editor of Wikipedia, which I find a very satisfying hobby. My experience and accumulated skills there led me to volunteer to manage CATUG's Wiki. I set up our policy and help pages such as CATUG wiki: Notes for editors in March 2010.

Click the "Discussion" link above to leave a note on my talk page, or the "E-mail this user" link at the left to generate an email to me.

Where's the Wiki?

In case you followed a link in my email signature to this page, the above is just about me. To explore the CATUG wiki, click "Main page" at the top left. Or just click the big logo in that corner.